Meaningful Evidence provides research support for organizations that are solving tough problems and want to make a bigger difference.

We harness the power of research that brings solutions to seemingly insolvable problems and enables you to get more bang for your research buck.

What is Meaningful Evidence?

To us, meaningful evidence is information and insights you can use to maximize your organization’s potential. It comes in many forms.

No single research method is best for every situation. A survey is great when you want fast feedback from a large number of people. However, interviews might be a better approach when you want to understand an issue in greater depth.

When you are developing new ways to tackle complex issues, you need evidence to help answer lots of questions. You need to assess needs, identify effective strategies, understand what others are doing and what it means for your activities, track your progress, and more.

The Meaningful Evidence Approach

At Meaningful Evidence, we collaborate with you to create customized research strategies that fit your specific information needs. Since 2012, we have worked with nonprofits, universities, and schools in the areas of health care, education, racial dialogue, and others.

Based on our extensive experience and study, we developed new research techniques that have resulted in a best paper award, recognition for conducting an “exemplary evaluation,”  and numerous blog articles, workshops, and sessions at national and international conferences.

Founded by Bernadette Wright

Dr. Bernadette Wright, founder of Meaningful Evidence, is a PhD program evaluator with 20 years of research experience. Bernadette has conducted and led research for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses throughout the United States in health, aging and disability, education, inter-racial dialogue, and other topics. Her work has appeared in publications such as Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and SAGEOpen. She also frequently provides training on evaluation, such as a Special Program at Foundation Center DC, a half-day professional development workshop at the 2016 American Evaluation Association conference, and a webinar with Grant Professionals Association.

Meaningful Evidence is a Small Business Administration certified Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business.