Convinced Clients

A few of the delighted organizations that we have worked with…

Search for Common Ground USA

“…Bernadette was competent and efficient in her work and I was amazed by the level of understanding she had about our project and the goals it was meant to accomplish… She excels in communication, always meets deadlines, and takes a great deal of initiative in finding the information she needs. I highly recommend the services of Meaningful Evidence…”

Andrea D’Amato, Search for Common Ground USA

NMAC (formerly National Minority AIDS Council)

“They provided fast service and a well-written document that was quoted by others, verbatim… Strong writers, flexibility, and attention to details.”

Robin Kelley, Evaluation Manager

Prince George’s County District IV Community Coffee Roundtable

“…I would like to thank Meaningful Evidence for their excellent research, clear and concise communications, and outstanding customer service. … As a result of Meaningful Evidence’s outstanding work, the D4CCR residents now have empirical data (versus anecdotal statements) to share with political representatives and County agencies, to assist with improving services for their customers. Great work by Meaningful Evidence!!!!”

Chris Bullock, Facilitator
District IV Community Coffee Roundtable (D4CCR)