Dr. Bernadette Wright (Director of Research & Evaluation) has been involved in program evaluation and public policy research for two decades. At Meaningful Evidence, she has designed and conducted program evaluations and research for a variety of non-profits and universities. She also researches, writes, and presents on techniques for integrating and assessing evidence for addressing social problems. Her recent publications include articles in Stanford Social Innovation Review, CharityChannel.com, and SAGEOpen. Her recent speaking includes a workshop at the 2017 People for Change Coalition conference in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and a three-hour professional development workshop at the 2016 American Evaluation Association conference in Atlanta,

Dr. Wright made the jump to Meaningful Evidence from The Lewin Group, where she managed and led research for 20 projects for government, non-profit, and business clients, focusing on aging and disability. Before that, she was at AARP Public Policy Institute, where she analyzed proposed legislation and regulations and conducted research to inform AARP strategies and public debate on long-term services and supports issues.

She earned her PhD in public policy/program evaluation from the University of Maryland.

Email: bernadette@meaningfulevidence.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bernadettewright/