Strategic Mapping Kit

tools for mapping your strategic plan pic Our Strategic Mapping Kit contains three resources to help you to develop a successful strategy for your program or organization, plus use technology to create a visual map to communicate your strategy.

  • From Idea to Action: This one-pager by Abbas Rostami explains essential practices for developing a strategic plan for a new invention or a new organization.
  • Developing a Successful Strategy: This guide by Abbas Rostami and Bernadette Wright introduces how to develop a successful strategy using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method and Strategic Knowledge Mapping.
  • Low-Tech and High-Tech Tools for Mapping Your Strategic Plan: This guide by Bernadette Wright, Abbas Rostami, and Ladel Lewis tells about 1) low-tech tools that are often useful for visualizing your strategic plan, 2) details on five software/online tools that we’ve found to be helpful for making and explaining your map (including free/lost-cost options), and 3) links to many additional software/online tools.