Research Support


We get you results that you can use to make a bigger difference.

Shape effective programs

  • Collaborate with your your team and stakeholders to quickly develop strong plans for achieving your goals
  • Synthesize information from what others have already done to uncover effective practices and lessons learned that can benefit your activities
  • Analyze and increase your plan’s chances for success

Demonstrate your value

  • Demonstrate how your plan is based on effective practices
  • Measure whether you’re having the effects you think, and why or why not
  • Show your program’s true effects/what contributions your activities are making

Influence policy

  • Show the research evidence to support proposed changes in legislation and regulations as they relate to your mission

Our unique causal knowledge mapping tool lets you integrate and visualize understandings from stakeholder experience and from research. Our clients find that these maps support communication, decision-making, and collaborative action.

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