Research Support

All of our projects are customized for the specific needs of the organizations we work with. Here are the kinds of research support we generally provide.

Program Evaluation Support

Support with any or all components of conducting a useful evaluation of your program, including:

  • Developing useful evaluation questions
  • Describing and developing a useful knowledge map/logic modelĀ 
  • Planning useful evaluation methods
  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Communicating your results
  • Developing strong evaluation plans for grant proposals
  • Serving as external evaluator for grant-funded projects

Knowledge Mapping

Using the ASK MATT gamified strategic planning tool that we helped develop, we facilitate a process for you and your team to collaboratively create a visual “map” for achieving your goals. Like a good road map, your resulting map will help you find the best route to achieving your specific goals–and adjust your route as your situation changes. You’ll be able to use your knowledge map for:

  • Action Planning
  • Tracking results
  • Planning a program evaluation that works for you
  • Communicating your story in a visual way

Research Synthesis/Integration

Reviewing the knowledge in the field, as it relates to your topic, to gather the information for:

  • Planning effective action
  • Making your case to funders and stakeholders
  • Contributing knowledge to the field

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