Get the skills you need to conduct and manage research that benefits your organization and the people you serve. If you are are interested in arranging a training for your organization, contact us.

Below are examples of our upcoming and past workshops and online trainings.


Live online course starting March 7: Creating an Effective Survey

  • Bernadette Wright. (May 8, 2019). Metrics that tell your story. Virginia Volunteerism and Service Conference. Richmond, VA. Click here for information.
  • Bernadette Wright & Steve Wallis. (June 9-12, 2019). Collaborative Mapping: Integrating Stakeholder Knowledge for Better Program Models. American Evaluation Association Summer Institute. Atlanta, GA. Click here for information.



Bernadette Wright presenting pic

  • Bernadette Wright. (November 2018). Before You Evaluate: Mapping Your Plan. Nonprofit Village Learn@Lunch, Rockville, MD.
  • Bernadette Wright. (November 2018).  Survey Design Workshop. Foundation Center Northeast, Washington, DC.
  • Bernadette Wright & Steve Wallis. (June 2018). Causal Knowledge Mapping for Practical Problem-Solving. American Evaluation Association Summer Evaluation Institute. Atlanta, Georgia, 
  • Bernadette Wright. (January 2018). Interactive Causal Knowledge Maps for Evaluation. Washington Evaluators Skill-Building Session. Washington, DC.
  • Bernadette Wright. (October 2017). Program Evaluation that Works for You. Special Program. Foundation Center DC.
  • Bernadette Wright & Ladel Lewis. (October 2017). Evaluation Plan Boot Camp. Grant Professionals Association webinar.
  • Bernadette Wright. (September 2017). Six Steps to Program Evaluation. Center for Nonprofit Excellence, Charlottesville, VA.
  • Bernadette Wright. (September 2017). Six Steps to Effective Program Evaluation. Maryland Nonprofits webinar.
  • Bernadette Wright & Steven E. Wallis. (June 2017). Causal Knowledge Mapping for More Useful Evaluation. Washington Evaluators Virtual Brown Bag.
  • Bernadette Wright & Steven E. Wallis. (May 2017). Knowledge Mapping for Greater Social Good. Data Analysts for Social Good webinar.
  • Ladel Lewis & Bernadette Wright. (April 2017). Investing in Evaluation, Data Collection and Tracking. People for Change Coalition 4th Annual Nonprofit Conference, Bowie, Maryland.
  • Steven E. Wallis & Bernadette Wright. (November 2016). Network Knowledge Mapping: Mapping the Known, Discovering the Unknown. School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver. 
  • Bernadette Wright & Ladel Lewis. (October 2016). Little Is Known? Designing More Useful Reviews of Related Research Evidence. Professional Development Workshop #54. American Evaluation Association Conference. Atlanta, GA. 
  • Bernadette Wright & Ladel Lewis. (June 2016). Technology + Your Strategic Plan = More Effective Action. Maryland Nonprofits Tech to Tell Your Story – Fundraising, Tech and Social Media Conference, Catonsville, MD.
  • Bernadette Wright & Ladel Lewis. (May 2016). How Do We Measure That? Program Evaluation Methods to Show Your True Effects. GrantStation online education. 
  • Steven E. Wallis & Bernadette Wright. (February 2016). Strategic Knowledge Mapping: The Co-creation of Useful Knowledge and The ASK MATT Game. Workshop. APSA (American Political Science Association) Teaching and Learning Conference. Portland, OR. 
  • Bernadette Wright & Steven E. Wallis. (February 2016). Integrative Propositional Analysis: A More Rigorous, Transparent Way to Structure Program Models. American Evaluation Association Coffee Break Demonstration Webinar. 
  • Susan Jenkins, Rose Ann Renteria, & Bernadette Wright. (November 2015). Program Evaluations: Using evaluation data to set direction, expand impact and maintain accountability. Center for Nonprofit Learning seminar, Washington, DC.