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At Meaningful Evidence, we have created many articles, tip sheets, and other resources to help you to meet your organization’s needs for evidence. Click on a topic below to find our resources on that topic. You can also search our materials using the search box in the footer of this website.

Assessing the quality of evidence

Evaluation planning (evidence from your own evaluation)

Collaborative mapping (relevance of evidence to people)

Synthesizing knowledge of a topic (evidence from existing research)

Technologies for creating visual knowledge maps (practical maps)

To learn more, read our Practical Mapping book

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This book guides you through the process of gathering knowledge through collaborative mapping, using past research, and program evaluation. The practical mapping technique adds a way to integrate, visualize, and evaluate that knowledge, to support using it for action planning.

As practical researchers and program evaluators, our job is to provide new understandings that inform planning and action. We can think of those understandings as knowledge maps….We wrote this book to provide you with techniques for building better knowledge maps. This way, you can maximize the usefulness of your research and have a greater positive impact on the world. (p. 2)

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