Assessing the quality of evidence

quality control

Evidence appraisal matrix

In their March 2017 Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) article “How good is your evidence,” Bernadette Wright and Steven E. Wallis introduced a new tool to help the social sector determine the quality of evidence for solving social problems. The tool is designed as a relatively fast and easy approach that social purpose organizations can use to determine the quality of evidence for creating new programs or improving programs.

With this method, you can more easily see where you have enough evidence to make a successful decision and where you might need more research—and how to focus that research to get the most bang for your research buck..

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Reading list: Integrative propositional analysis, causal knowledge mapping, & assessing research quality

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This reading list provides descriptions and links to materials for further reading on the academic research behind IPA, examples of how IPA is applied, software/tools for creating knowledge maps, tools for assessing the quality of evidence across methods and disciplines, and more.

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