Developing indicators

These resources will help you to decide on your indicators, or key performance indicators (KPI). Your indicators are how you’ll measure the specific things you need to know to answer your evaluation questions.

What data should you collect?

In an October 2018 article on CharityChannel, Bernadette Wright wrote about “Measuring Nonprofit Outcomes and Progress: What data should you collect?” The article details a three-step process for collecting the right data: 1) map out your plan, 2) specify key performance indicators and metrics, and 3) monitor your progress.

The most important thing to remember is, if it’s not important to your success, don’t measure it.

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Two common data mistakes to watch out for

In an April 2019 guest post on the Grantspace blog, titled “Program evaluation that works,” Bernadette Wright provided tips to avoid two common data mistakes: irrelevant data and overly isolated data.

When you want to know why something happened, you need to look for many possible causes, as opposed to a single cause. Here are two ways to do that.

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