Asking useful evaluation questions


Your evaluation questions are the questions that your evaluation will seek to answer. These resources will help you to develop useful evaluation questions, so that you’ll get useful evaluation results.

Tip sheet: Choosing useful evaluation questions

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This Meaningful Evidence tip sheet describes strategies for developing useful questions for your evaluation to explore and provides a flow chart for choosing useful evaluation questions.

Funders often want to see certain measures of effectiveness and impact to show how projects are worth their investment. However, your staff and leadership team and stakeholders may require different information for planning and decision-making.

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Tip sheet: When is a good time for evaluation?

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This tip sheet provides example evaluation questions that are often relevant in the various stages of a project, aligned with example uses of the findings.

Leaders who incorporate evaluation and strategic research from the start of their projects can discover opportunities and strategies that others miss. This may enable them to improve upon effective practices and establish themselves as leaders in their field.

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Article: Useful evaluation questions to ask

In Part 3 of her series of CharityChannel articles on “Six steps to effective program evaluation,” Bernadette Wright discusses the step of “Ask useful questions.” The article provides four questions that are often useful to ask,

For each of your evaluation questions, consider why you are asking it and how you will use the answers.

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