Choosing evaluation methods

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The following resources can help you with choosing methods for collecting and analyzing your evaluation data.

Planning your evaluation methods

In part 5 of her series of CharityChannel articles on “Six steps to effective program evaluation,” Bernadette Wright discussed the step of planning your method. The article:

  • Discusses the need for better-fitting methods
  • Discusses the strengths and weaknesses of six frequently used methods
  • Describes three places to find methods

It may sound obvious, but many evaluations are not as useful as they could be because their methods don’t fit their purpose.

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Evaluation methods cheat sheets

evaluation methods cheat sheet

How do you measure it?

Our Evaluation Methods Cheat Sheets make choosing your evaluation methods easier. You’ll get seven Cheat Sheets detailing…

  • A flowchart for choosing evaluation methods
  • Cheat Sheets for each of six frequently used evaluation methods, detailing  strengths of the method / when to use it, common threats with using the method, and how to minimize threats

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