Evaluation planning intro

Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with IMPLEMENT, PLAN, IMPROVE and EVALUATE words imprinted on metal surface

These resources provide an overview of the steps to planning an effective evaluation and gathering information for useful purposes.

Six steps to effective evaluation planning

six steps tip sheet picBernadette Wright and Ladel Lewis outlined six key steps to evaluation planning in this tip sheet, “You’re worth the investment: now provide it. Six steps to effective evaluation planning” (October 2014).

You know that what you do is worth the investment. The next step is to follow your evaluation plan to show people how.

Download the tip sheet at meaningfulevidence.com (2 pages)

Three pieces you need for building better knowledge

In this May 2019 CharityChannel article, “Better knowledge for greater success,” Bernadette Wright details the three pieces you need for building better knowledge: 1) data and facts, 2) meaning and relevance, and 3) knowledge structure.

If your knowledge is lacking in any one of the three pieces, it will be less likely to work as you expect when you put it into action.

Read the article on CharityChannel.com