Survey planning

pic of person taking an online survey

These resources provide tips and techniques for designing and planning effective surveys.

Choosing and using the right online survey tool

In this August 2018 CharityChannel article, Bernadette Wright describes some useful features of online survey platforms, to help you choose the right online survey tool for you.

Get your money’s worth from your next online survey. Consider which of the features detailed here would benefit your survey. Choose a survey platform and plan that provides those features.

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Writing well-worded survey questions

In this May 2018 CharityChannel article, Bernadette Wright shares 10 tips for writing well-worded survey questions, such as “split up ‘double-pronged’ questions” and “use their language.”

Incorporating these tips as you develop your survey questions will increase the chances that people will answer the questions in a way that gets you the information you need for effective decision-making, communication, and action.

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Increasing survey responses

In this March 2017 CharityChannel article, Bernadette Wright provides eight techniques for maximizing survey response.

…jumping to incentive gifts overlooks many other effective techniques for increasing survey response. After all, we are often motivated to help a charitable cause for reasons other than a financial reward.

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