Knowledge mapping


A knowledge map (practical map) is a visual model of your program or topic. You can use information from a variety of sources to create a knowledge map. A map may be based on shared understanding from people’s personal or professional experience, your own program evaluation results, and/or research that others have done. Below are some examples of our webinars and workshops on knowledge mapping.

M&E Thursday Talks – Knowledge Mapping: Integrating and Visualizing Information Across Sources

On Thursday, October 17, 2019, from at 10am EDT, Bernadette Wright joined the M&E Thursday Talks to lead an online discussion on “Knowledge Mapping: Integrating and Visualizing Information Across Sources.”

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Two-hour skill-building session on knowledge maps for evaluation

In January 2018, Bernadette Wright presented a Washington Evaluators skill-building session on “Interactive Causal Knowledge Maps for Evaluation,” in Washington, DC. In this two-hour session, participants learned to create web-based, interactive causal knowledge maps that support communication and use of evaluation results, using the Kumu platform.

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One-hour webinar on three types of knowledge maps for evaluation

In June 2017, Bernadette Wright and Steven E. Wallis presented “Causal Knowledge Mapping for More Useful Evaluation,” a Washington Evaluators Virtual Brown Bag. In this one-hour webinar, Wright and Wallis introduced techniques for integrating and measurably improving knowledge, using three types of maps: collaborative maps, evaluation findings maps, and literature maps.

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One-hour webinar on creating, using, assessing, and improving maps

In May 2017, Bernadette Wright and Steven E. Wallis presented “Knowledge Mapping for Greater Social Good,” a Data Analysts for Social Good webinar. In this one-hour webinar, participants learned the basics of 1) using an online platform to create interactive causal knowledge maps, 2) using maps to support planning and action, and 3) assessing and improving your mapped knowledge.

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One-hour webinar on knowledge mapping for networked organizations

In November 2016, Steven E. Wallis and Bernadette Wright presented a webinar with the School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver, “Network Knowledge Mapping: Mapping the Known, Discovering the Unknown.” This webinar introduced techniques for integrating maps from from people’s experience and maps from research studies, bridging the gap between academia and practice.

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20-minute webinar on evaluating and improving program models

In February 2016, Bernadette Wright and Steven E. Wallis presented a 20-minute American Evaluation Association Coffee Break Demonstration webinar on “Integrative Propositional Analysis: A More Rigorous, Transparent Way to Structure Program Models.” Participants learned about a technique to evaluate and improve our program models (knowledge maps) to support program development and success.

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