Survey planning

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Surveys are one of the most commonly used evaluation methods, but they are not always as useful as they could be. In these workshops, we share effective techniques and common mistakes to avoid for planning effective surveys, based on our experience designing and conducting surveys for client projects.

Three-session recorded webinar on creating an effective survey

In March 2019,  Bernadette Wright hosted a four-session webinar on “Creating an Effective Survey.” Over three one-hour sessions, participants learned how to: 1) ensure a purposeful, ethical survey, 2) write survey questions and messaging, and 3) test and refine their survey. Participants also received workbooks and review of their work by me.

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Full-day survey design workshop

In November 2018, Bernadette Wright presented a full-day “Survey Design Workshop” at Grantspace (formerly Foundation Center Northeast) in Washington, DC. Through individual and small group activities, demonstration, and discussion, participants learned how to design an effective survey and left with the start of a survey that had been reviewed by their peers.

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